Team Administrative Check-List

The following ideas and items are listed to help your club be in good standing with the Heart Of America Rugby Union (HOA).

CIPP and Dues:

  • All clubs and players are required to be CIPP enrolled with USA Rugby prior to playing at any rugby venue. No player is to step onto a pitch unless they are CIPP enrolled through USA Rugby at https://membership.usarugby.org and any person that plays in a match that is not CIPP enrolled will result in a forfeit of the match and fines to the club which allowed them to play.
  • Club and player CIPP enrollment are completed on line at https://membership.usarugby.org by doing this you will automatically pay your USA and West fees for your players. CIPP dues fees for the USA/West can be found on the USA Rugby web page and West webpage at www.wrfu.org.

  • You will be billed for your HOA dues at the close of each season and your HOA fees are due in full prior to the start of the next competitive cycle. A single club check or money order should be issued made payable to: HOARFU, and sent to PO Box 32103, Kansas City, MO 64171. Any arrears will result in your club not being assigned a referee.
  • HOA dues structure is: $15 per player for all club and collegiate teams, $10 per player for all high school teams. $7.50 for all club and collegiate players who register for only the spring season.
  • Clubs should collect club dues internally to be able to pay for the HOA dues, referee fees, pitch supplies, and after match hosting.


  • Referee fees should be paid in full prior to your next season or no referee will be assigned to your matches.
  • The home club should contact assigned referee which can be found on the HOA website (www.hoarfu.org) no later than Wednesday of the week of your match to confirm times and venue.
  • Each club is to provide to the referee a CIPP enrollment roster from the USA Rugby database (https://membership.usarugby.org ) and match roster prior to your match. The Home club will provide a completed match report form which can be found on the HOA web site (www.hoarfu.org). The visiting club verifies the match report and score and the form is collected by the referee. If you are traveling to a non-HOA member club or hosting a non member, you still are required to fill out the report and submit it to the HOA secretary.
  • HOA clubs should report the match results to the HOA Executive Committee and check the HOA web site for confirmation of reported scores and standings.If clubs are competing in a West run League, they will submit that match report to the West TU.
  • All clubs are required to have the equivalent of a full-time active referee in the pool, reffing two weekends a month in order to be eligible to advance to a Western final.
  • Clubs should invite a referee to their practice for a report of new laws and to be able to ask questions and educate the newer players of the laws.


  • Your pitch should be properly marked, crowd restraints erected, posts covered, and holes filled.
  • Spectators, friends, and players on the side lines should be informed of proper behavior, and all should be respectful to the other club, their players, friends, and most importantly, the referee.
  • A safety plan should be put together that lists the local hospitals, emergency numbers, and weather shelter venues.
  • Your jerseys should all be numbered and matching, and no toe cleats are allowed.

Contacting your opponent:

  • Clubs should confirm their matches with the opposing club and inform the HOA and the referee society of any changes.
  • Second side matches should be confirmed with the other club and the referee informed. Non-assigned certified referee’s can call those matches if need be.
  • Hosting clubs should verify directions to their pitch to the opposing clubs and referee.
  • Hosting clubs should provide the visiting club and referee directions to the after match venue.

Web sites:

  • Club web sites should be updated weekly with match results.
  • Directions to your pitch, practice venue, and after match venues should be listed.
  • Club schedules should be listed on the site with match venue and times listed.
  • Clubs should check the HOA web site www.hoarfu.org to verify their contact information, schedule, results, standings, and their link. Any changes or corrections should be sent to the HOA secretary and the HOA web master.
  • Any club announcements, fund raisers, or news items can be placed onto the HOA web page by contacting the HOA web master.

General Information:

  • The HOA general meetings (AGM) are held twice a year the second Saturday of both July and December. All clubs are required to attend and stay for the entire meeting. The meetings follow an hour of scheduling confirmations. Elections are held during the July meeting. Any new agenda items should be sent to the HOA President at least ten days prior to the meeting.
  • Before each season, be sure to read the Policies and Procedures, By-laws, and Constitution (which can be found on the website) in order to ensure your club is in good standing with the Heart, West, and USA Rugby, and thus eligible to compete.
  • Schedules should be turned into the HOA secretary and referee society no later than the date set at the AGM. Clubs are responsible to check the master schedule on the HOA web site and to inform the HOA and referees of any changes.
  • Club start up kits and balls may be available through USA Rugby and the USA Rugby Foundation. Newly formed clubs in the HOA are not required to pay dues to the West their first year (the dues are collected automatically by USA when you CIPP but then refunded by the West).
  • All clubs are required to have a certified coach and interested coaches can sign up coming coaching clinics on the USA Rugby web site.
  • The HOA follows the USA Rugby Disciplinary Guidelines and those can be found on the USA Rugby web site. Any player that receives a red card is automatically suspended for their next match.
  • The HOA follows the USA and West competition guidelines and rules for merit table/league/club matches and tournaments.
  • The HOA has All-Star programs for all divisions and interested players or coaches should look on the HOA web page for the all-star coach contact info. On teams who are in good standing with the HOA will be able to provide representatives to the All-Star teams in accordance with the by-laws.
  • Grants are available to clubs, players, administrators and referees and can be matched by the West. Player grants are generally issued to those participating for the West or USA All-Star matches. Clubs can apply for special project grants. All grants requests must be written by the individual and submitted to the HOA executive committee at least two weeks prior to the need with a break down of expenses. All receipts are required to be turned into the HOA treasurer after the event.
  • Any club that hosts a tournament can list it on the HOA web page. Hosting clubs need to submit an application to the HOA as stated in the by-laws and constitution. They must also inform the referee society more than a month in advance of the event if they are in need of their services. The HOA tournament can be bid on through the HOA exec. All players participating must be CIPP enrolled. Directions to the closest hospital should be made available to all.
  • Clubs that are having a fund raising event can post it onto the HOA web page. Clubs should share their fund raising ideas with others.
  • All merit/league/cup table matches are to be completed at least two weeks prior to your Western event.
  • Merit table/league/cup schedule dates are set by the HOA and any changes need to be requested no later than ten days of publication. The remainder of your schedule is done by the clubs.
  • If every player on your club brought in only one new member, then you doubled your club! Videos for recruitment booths can be made available. If you are interested in starting up a new club, let the HOA know and we can send representatives out to help out with your practices. New high school programs can be helped out by the HOA High School Director and the USA youth director.
  • The image of rugby is one that needs to change for the better. Remember to keep the R-rated songs and other things out of the public eye if it is going to happen. We want to show the community that rugby is a family sport and build it up with our youth!