Hosting a Union Recognized Tournament

Hosting a Union Recognized Tournament

Any member club of the Union or any “Constituent Body” of the Union which wishes to consider holding a tournament will obtain written permission from the Tournament Committee before so doing, or exec committee and ref society if no such committee is active.

All applications will be submitted to the Secretary of the Union and they will include the following information:

1.      Date and name of tournament.

2.      Intended format of tournament (method of elimination, etc.).

3.      Entry Fee.

4.      Details of trophies and awards to be presented.

5.      Nature of any special events (parties, etc.) planned in conjunction with tournament.

6.      Any assistance being solicited from commercial concerns.

7.      Copies of tournament rules

8.      How referees will be obtained

Approval of the Tournament Committee will be obtained before any confirmed invitations may be circulated. This in no way prevents a host organization from reaching tentative agreement with potential participants. When the official invitations are circulated a list of the clubs invited will be submitted to the Secretary of the Union.

A written report on the tournament will be submitted to both the Secretary and the Publicity Chairman of the Union within two weeks of the completion of the event.

If during the time between the submission of the initial request and the holding of the tournament, significant changes in the details listed in paragraph 2 of this article occur, then full information on these changes shall be communicated to the Secretary of the Union.