Referee Guidelines

Guidelines for Heart of America Referee Assignment

The following are guidelines for clubs to follow to maximize the availability of referees for a given match.

Club must be fully CIPP compliant and have all dues and referee fees paid in full.

o Clubs failing to meet these requirements will not be assigned a referee.

o Verification will be made on Monday of each week, assignments will be cancelled for that week, at this time.

Match must be on Heart Master Schedule, at least 1 month prior to match.

o This seems obvious, but it is not infrequent to be asked on a Wednesday to provide a referee for a match on the following Saturday for a match not on the schedule – odds are not good that a referee will be assigned.

o Referee assignments are typically updated 1 month out, so look ahead in the season and make sure that your matches are correct.

o cc the HOA referee scheduler ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) for all schedule changes.

o Clarify any TBD’s on time/venue ASAP to ensure referee assignment.

Contact your assigned referee early in the week.

  • Scheduling issues are more easily resolved on Monday than they are on Friday
  • Failure to contact your assigned referee by 10 am, 3 days prior to the match (10 am Wednesday for a Saturday match) could result in loss of assigned referee or fines.
    • Match without referee will result in forfeit by hosting team.

Each team must provide 1 active referee to the HOA referee pool. (See requirements below)

Merit Table/League Matches will be given priority when possible.

Communicate early and often with HOA Referee scheduler ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) to work on solutions to assignment issues.

o If you see that other matches on a given weekend have been assigned referees, but not yours, contact scheduler ASAP to work on a solution.

Assignments to Tournaments:
Tournament Directors must contact HOA referee scheduler ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) at least 1 month prior to tournament if referees are requested.
o Should have an idea on number of teams/games at that time.
o Tournament will negotiate and pay expenses/fees with assigned referees directly, i.e. the HOA Referee’s society will not collect fees.

Club Requirements for Active Referee

To meet the requirements of providing an active referee to the HOA referee pool, the following conditions must be met:

Total man-games made available or refereed by certified referees for a given club must be greater than 50% of the total games scheduled by said club.

  • Man-games – meaning coverage of matches may be done by more than one certified referee representing a club.
  • Made available - At the start of each month, the referee scheduler will send out a request to all referees asking which weekends they will be available. The referee representative of the club must respond within 5 days for club to gain credit for availability.
    • If a referee makes himself available, but is not assigned, then club will still gain credit.
    • If the scheduler is notified the week prior to a match that a representative is available, the club will not get credit if that representative is not assigned.
    • The referee must be made available during the active HOA season, i.e. any weekend where there are 3 or more matches on the HOA schedule.
    • Referee must be willing to travel, at least some of the time.
    • Every effort will be made to minimize travel, but sometimes Kansas City referees may have to go to Springfield/Kirksville/Wichita, or vice versa.

    • Man-games…refereed – Club will receive credit for any matches refereed by their representative, regardless of when they were made available.
      • All referees are required to fill out a Match report on the HOA web site to fulfill their requirements and have expenses paid.
    • Certified referees – club representative must be a USA Rugby certified referee.
    • Total games scheduled by club – All (1st, 2nd side, etc) matches officially listed on the HOA master schedule.
      • Example: If a club schedules 8 1st side matches and 3 2nd side matches, then that club must provide an effective 6 man-games to referee pool.
    • If a governing organization contains clubs in different divisions (men’s, women’s, U-19) then this organization may pool resources to cover matches, but total games scheduled by club will be combined.