Referee Incident Reports

Incident Date Offender Card Incident Description Reported By Referee (if different)
06/10/2012 - 1:00 pm Sean Prugger ()
Springfield RFC
Yellow elbow to the head
Applicable Law(s)
Chad Purpura
06/10/2012 - 1:00 Ben Thomas ()
Springfield RFC
Yellow Not wrapping up on a tackle.
Applicable Law(s)
Chad Purpura
06/10/2012 - Darryl Bell ()
Kansas State
Yellow Darryl was the ball carrier and while getting tackled by a Truman player, Darryl started elbowing the tackle in the back
Applicable Law(s)
Brian Kaiser
29/09/2012 - 35 minute Greg Winkelbauer (356342)
Pittsburgh State
Yellow After repeated offences at rucks the player became frustrated with the calls against him. He then attempted to charge JBU's flyhalf as he kicked the ball down field. Greg did not make contact with the flyhalf but his intent was clear.
Applicable Law(s)Law 10.4(g)
Ross Summers
29/09/2012 - 70th minute Marcus Neal (598217)
KC Islanders
Yellow Dump tackle followed by a punch. He had been previously warned about his tackling
Applicable Law(s)
David Higgins
29/09/2012 - 1st Half 26 minutes Charles Henson ()
KC Blues
Yellow Springfield wanted to take a quick penalty and #1 did not retreat at all and made the tackle within 2 meters of the quick penalty denying Springfield and field and possession advantage. Cynical action.
Applicable Law(s)Law 10
Calum Pender
29/09/2012 - 1st Half 24mins Devon Stayer ()
KC Blues
Yellow After warning the KC Blues captain for repeated tackle offences #14 entered the tackle illegally and flopped on the ball killing the quick possession for Springfield. Incident occurred on KC Blues 36m area.
Applicable Law(s)Law 10 repeated infringements
Calum Pender
22/09/2012 - 32nd min Casey Cummings (315277)
Yellow I was leaving a ruck, and heard something behind me. When I turned around saw #9 blues punch a bombers player. I believe he was retaliating, and it wasn't much of a punch, so I gave a yellow card.
Applicable Law(s)10.4(a)
Pete Winkelbauer
22/09/2012 - 60th min Eric Heartley (493898)
Yellow The player dissagreed with a penalty call very loudly. I march off another 10m, and the player still kept going so a yellow card was given.
Applicable Law(s)10.4(s)
Pete Winkelbauer
22/09/2012 - 65:00 Peter Harrison (542931)
Benedictine Men
Red Harrison threw a punch into the face of an opposition player following a ruck.
Applicable Law(s)10.4a
Krista Kastler self
9/22/2012 - 3:20 pm David Ramirez ()
Yellow Dump Tackle
Applicable Law(s)10.4(j)
Gene Paulsen
15/09/2012 - Ernest Moore ()
Yellow Blow to the head
Applicable Law(s)
Chad Purpura
15/09/2012 - Brian Redmond ()
Red Fighting
Applicable Law(s)
Chad Purpura
9/15/12 - 3:00 Clay ()
Yellow Clay pushed Ramblers player's head into the ground following a ruck.
Applicable Law(s)10.4(m)
Gene Paulsen
9/15/12 - 1:30 Justin Vogt ()
St. Louis Ramblers
Yellow Vogt kicked Blues Player on ground following ruck
Applicable Law(s)10.4(c)
Gene Paulsen
15/09/2012 - 1420 Brian Roling (546773)
Red Player had already been penalized twice for hands in ruck and coming in from off sides. He came from an offsides position and pulled off a player, not going for the ball, and started a fight with him. When team mates broke that up he then marched off the field to players from the other team's bench because they had said something. He left the pitch and threw punches in a scuffle with subs from the other team.
Applicable Law(s)10.4 a Punching or striking 10.4 l Retaliation
Jared Olander
08/09/2012 - 64:00 William Taylor (352551)
Yellow there was some pushing and shoving going on after play, when #14 came from the far side of the field to join in. I could not tell for sure if he threw a punch. If he did it didn't land.
Applicable Law(s)10.4(l)
Pete Winkelbauer
08/09/2012 - 59:30 Nicholas Thomas Hartnett (379937)
Yellow lifted the ball carrier off the ground and turned him. The ball carrier was not driven into the ground, so a yellow card was given.
Applicable Law(s)10.4j
Pete Winkelbauer
9/8/12 - 2:30 Brighton Stone ()
Red There was a skirmish following a ruck, and Stone was witnessed throwing a punch to chest of OKC player. Game was starting to get chippy, so red card was issued in order to settle things down. Punch was not overly vicious and was not directed at the head. Recommend no to minimal additional suspension.
Applicable Law(s)10.4(a)
Gene Paulsen
9/8/12 - 2:30 Trey Stewart ()
Yellow Stewart made repeated infringements of failing to release tackler and trying to poach the ball.
Applicable Law(s)10.3(a)
Gene Paulsen
9/8/12 - 2:00 Story ()
Yellow OKC, was repeatedly offsides. Club was warned and Story was primary victim in next infringement.
Applicable Law(s)10.3(b)
Gene Paulsen
9/8/12 - 2:00 Moars ()
Yellow Ball kicked into opposition in-goal. Moars barreled into OKC player well after ball was touched down, with no intent to wrap or play the ball.
Applicable Law(s)10.4 (f) and (g)
Gene Paulsen
08/05/2012 - Yellow card Adam Hisle ()
SM northwest
Yellow Team repeated high tackle
Applicable Law(s)10.3b
Pete Winkelbauer
28 Apr 2012 - 65 min Susami Faagalu (564004)
Red Mr Faagalu emerged from a maul and immediatley stood d up and punched an opponent in the face.
Applicable Law(s)10.4.a
Ross Crunkhorn
19/04/2012 - 6:30 p.m. Alex Augsburg (575070 )
Park Hill South
Yellow Both teams had been warned about repeated high tackles. Alex came in high, resulting in arm wrapping around opponents neck.
Applicable Law(s)10.3 Repeated infringements by the team. 10.4.e Dangerous tackle.
Kjrsten Abel Ruch